BeyondFit's Trainer JumpStart

Learn how to boost your business and make an IMPACT! 


Personal Training 101

-Learn the basics and beyond of becoming a successful trainer.

-How to Start a Boot Camp.

-Practical action steps to implement what you've learned.

Get More Leads

-Top 3 lead generation strategies.

-Practical action steps to implement what you've learned.

Convert Leads to Clients

- Video training: The #1 Thing Keeping You From Getting Clients

-The 3 key ingredients to grow your list of clients now. 

-PLUS the proven plan that has brought in over 1,000 clients!

- Practical action steps to implement what you've learned.

Learn How to Stand Out

-Video training: Why YOU Should Be Different 

- How to establishes a competitive advantage and be a leader in the industry.

-Strategies to differentiate Your programs.

-Practical action steps to implement what you've learned.

Hi! I’m Kate Horney. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science and am also a Metabolic Effect certified Level III Hormonal Nutrition Consultant. I specialize in female specific fat loss, using proven techniques to offer body change and coaching services to women both online and locally.

Are you tired of working over 40 hours a week as a trainer or aspiring trainer and just not building the loyal clientele you want?

Do you wish you could make a bigger impact on the fitness industry?

Are you struggling to set yourself apart from the other trainers in your area?

I’ve been there too! It took me some time to figure out the method to this madness, but I finally did it--and the best part is that I want give you the step-by-step strategy to grow your fitness business and make an IMPACT in the industry!

Let's work together to skyrocket your fitness business!



"Not only is Kate a GREAT TEACHER but a HUGE INSPIRATION. The course is perfect for someone new to the fitness industry."

Rachel Pratt
BeyondFit Trainer

"Kate's course is full of useful information. From the business side to utilizing social media, this covers it!"

Lindsey Fazendine
BeyondFit Trainer

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